Page 24(Chapter 2: Auction of the Dead)

“Roll call,” said a mans voice in their ear piece.

Hundreds of names and numbers called out and when it reached Scarlett she said, “S. Walker, number six, six, nine.”

Ashley snickered and after a moment of silence, she said, “A. Jenkins, number six, seven, one.”

Pink and Silver entered the auditorium pulling a dolly where they had gagged and strapped Tweek tight. She didn’t make it easy for the bots to wheel her around the circle. Her green eyes were crazy wide, she jerked herself back and forth rocking the dolly and she made loud heaving noises.

“And here we have former U.N. Special Forces, Ashley Jenkins, number 671,” The Doctor said.

The bots placed Tweek next to Scarletts tank. She rocked it right, then left and fell over onto the tank, then fell onto her back. Mum walked around the tank and lifted the dolly. “It’s ok my dear, we will find you a good home,” Mum said quietly into Tweeks ear.

The Doctor watched the girl struggle in her restraints. An idea came to mind so he called over Marvin. “Release her straps,” he said. “I am curious what she will do.”

There were four buckles on the front of her chest. Without hesitation, Marvin disconnected each buckle and let the straps fall to the floor. Tweek watched the straps fall, then looked up and pointed her long, unkept nails at her gag. Marvin took off the gag, Tweek smiled, then attacked.

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