Page 23(Chapter 2: Auction of the Dead)

The body split in two and sunk beneath the flooded trench. Ashley, with her helmet open, had a look of disgust on her dirty freckled face. “Gross,” she said, then an explosion rocked the trench wall next to the pair. Ashley covered her face then pulled herself around, rifle firing down the line.

Scarlet dropped to her knee, waist deep in water and reached for a grenade on her hip. She pulled the pin and tossed it into Ashleys line of fire and it filled the area with smoke. Sword in hand, Scarlett darted into the smoke. At least two men gave their position away when they fired blindly, two bullets deflected off Scarletts chest plate, it didn’t stop her. She swung her sword to the left, a grunt told her that she hit her target, so, she swung the sword back to the right and dropped to her knee. A head landed beside her and Ashley flew past her, lead by her knee.

Ashley hit a man square in the chest knocking him onto his back with her comfortably on top. Ashley shot him twice in the head and his hands fell bellow the water next to his dead body.

The smoke lifted. Scarlett offered Ashley a hand to her feet. The duo looked around to see their black and blue allies pouring into the trenches. Ashley removed her helmet and ran her dirty hand through her matted red hair. “Well, that was fun,” she said with a bright smile.

Scarlett removed her helmet, looked around at the dead bodies and said, “Yeah…”

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