Page 22(Chapter 2: Auction of the Dead)

Instincts drove her to put one foot in front of the other with rifle in hand. She could barely see six feet ahead, though, her helmet feed her faint green outlines of her allies who were also charging across the field. Bullets whistled passed her and the sound of more artillery fire brought an earie silence.

BANG! BANG! BANG! The third round sent Scarlett flying through the air, landing in a deep crater. She crawled out of the crater and looked up to see three shadows come through the smoke. Her helmet gave her no readings, so she lifted her rifle, peeked down the sights and let loose six shots. Each shadow dropped from two bullets to the chest. One of the bodies writhed and cried out in pain. A black soldier stepped out of the smoke, pointed its rifle and put the writhing body out of its misery. The soldier highlighted green and labelled; A. Jenkins, then disappeared back into the smoke. Scarlett jumped to her feet and followed.

Another barrage landed around her. The gas began to clear. A grey head popped up ten yards in front of her, revealing the enemy trench line. Scarlett lifted her rifle and fired two shots, the first hit the ground, the second hit its mark.

Scarlett drew her sabre, flicked her arm and a sharp steal blade expanded, its edge ignited with a red light. Ashley planted herself on the edge and reigned fire on the trench. Scarlett came up on her blind side, sabre lifted overhead and dropped into the trench bringing the sabre down hard, cutting right through a man from shoulder to groin.

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