Page 21(Chapter 2: Auction of the Dead)

Scarlett awoke to artillery bombardment on the muddy field in front of her. She was thrown backwards off a ladder into a flooded trench. The wind got knocked out of her and debris pelted her helmet as she struggled to find air. A strong hand pulled her from the water up to her feet. The strong hand belonged to a feminine figure decked out in black military gear with a black helmet, goggles, and mask that showed Scarlett a reflection of herself in the same gear.

“Mask up lady, they are dropping the mustard on us,” the woman said.

Scarlett cowered as another artillery barrage shook the trench. She regained her senses and looked around. A yellow gas began creeping over the trench. She searched her helmet until her fingers found a button, she pressed it and a tinted shield covered the entirety of her face. Others were not so lucky. Screams carried throughout the trenches as men and women clawed at their burning eyes and throats, desperate to find clean air.

“Monsters,” the woman scorned.

“Ashley?” Scarlett said confused.

“Yes girl. Now let’s go catch up with Lex while we have the cover of this gas. Be quick Scar, the enemy won’t let up, not for one inch.” Ashley two stepped the ladder and was quickly out of sight.

“What the fuck…” Scarlett said to herself. She checked her body, found her rifle and the hilt of a laser sabre. She took a deep breathe and followed Ashley over the edge.

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