Mum entered the auditorium. As she approached The Doctor her outfit changed colour, from top to bottom it changed from black and white to red and white. She handed The Doctor a glass vail, then she grabbed the inside of his left elbow and he escorted her to the bubbling pod.

The Doctor let Mum go and she walked around the pod to the other side where she made herself comfortable. He then pulled his tiny monocle out of his left breast pocket, placed it on his left eye and it expanded across his face. He looked at Scarlett, observing her vitals from head to toe. Magnificent, he thought. In a matter of only a few hours, her body had almost completely recovered. He returned to his dance on the black circle and held the vail aloft.

“This metal liquid, I have named, The Orphan Vaccine,” he said. “This particular one is the tenth iteration. The nine that came before, some of you here today are acquainted and, well, let’s say, they needed more development. Avoid Beatrice,” he smirked.

“Hey!” Beatrice complained and crossed her arms.

“Shush,” Charming immediately cut her off.

The Doctor continued despite the interruption, “with the help of my lovely wife, we have created a rather hostile nanobot, but effective. You, Miss Walker are the first to receive the tenth iteration. Although it was due to my moronic assistant, it is turning out to be such a beautiful mistake. Wait a minute.” He strolled over to the cream skinned robot. “Mum. Is she, the, Scarlett Walker? I thought she was to be. Oh, nevermind. Bring in our other assets, let’s get this show started.”

Work in progress…

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