“Welcome to paradise, a world where your dreams will never come true. Aboard this station you are safe, but below the clouds of Tartarus, insanity waits for you. For many years I have let loose experiments on the planets surface. Some in the waters, avoid those. Now you.” The Doctor pointed at the center of the room where a large glass cylinder rose from the floor. Inside, a muscular naked woman with raven black hair floated unconscious in bubbling water. She wore a face mask connected a tube which ran into the floor. “You my dear, are an orphan from Earth, never to see home again.”

Some of the guests moved to the edge of their seats, salivating, others recognizing the woman. Greedy palms rubbed together and The Doctor could smell the excitement lift the air. He continued.

“A long time ago a ship carrying thousands of convicts departed from Earth, frozen in time.” The hologram above changed into a rectangular space ship with the Earth shrinking behind as it fell off in the distance.

“I don’t remember how long ago it was, my sense of time is not what it used to be. Being cryogenically frozen for an un-Godly amount of time through the vast, unknown expanse f space can do that to a person, among other… things. So, here I am, hell bent on finding the perfect solution to the revival process. Some of you are unsavory to say the least.”

Work in progress…

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