The Doctor took a deep breathe, then inhaled again and slowly exhaled, calming his impatience. He approached the hologram and pointed his right pen hand and his left at it. He then spread his wingspan expanding the hologram to engulf the center of the room. The room gasped which brought a smirk to The Doctors face, then he lifted his arms raising the hologram to the top of the auditorium, giving the room a teal wave of light. The exotic fish fled, the sharks returned and the guests sunk into their seats.

The Doctor began by following a black line drawn on the white floor which circles the auditorium. He paused, Bent over and wiped a smudge off of his shoe with his thumb and rubbed the dirt away between his fingers. Then, he continued his dance with the sharks which followed him around the circle. He cleared his throat and spun gracefully in a circle while maintaining his footing on the circle drawn on the floor.

“Welcome to paradise,” he said.

“Not this speech again,” Scarface groaned.

The Doctor stopped dead in his track, “I said silence,” he pointed his pen at the man. “Next one to interrupt will be feed to my rats.”

“Your rats are harmless, we survived them in the hallway.”

The Doctor snapped his fingers and the twins seemingly appeared out of nowhere, grabbed Scarface, gagged him, and dragged him out of the auditorium.

Marvin rushed in, straightened The Doctors vest and rushed back out of sight.

“Right. Where was I?.. Oh, I remember,” and he continued his dance.

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