Walrus slapped the cup out of Charmings hand and it hit Buttcheeks soaking him in red wine. Walrus then snatched the bottle out of Charmings other hand and walked over to the food where he grabbed the entire turkey then returned to his massive ass printed sofa to feast.

“Rude,” Charming said.

“Angry for a man with no balls,” Scarface said while cleaning himself with proper towels.

“Steroids good samaritan, steroids.”

“How would you feel if you had been relieved of your tongue and castrated against your will?” The Doctor interrupted as he entered the auditorium.

The startled guests turned to see The Doctor and Marvin behind him helping to remove his lab coat. Walrus, with a large turkey leg hanging from his mouth, pointed at The Doctor and nodded, as if to say, “what he said.”

“Took you long enough old man,” Beatrice complained.

“Silence!” The Doctor shouted raising his pen in the air. He straightened his tie and pulled down his vest while Marvin brushed him off. “If you all would be so kind as to take your seats. We have more guests joining us shortly.”

Charming, Beatrice, Buttcheeks, and the others joined the eunuch in their seats. As they made themselves comfortable, more sofas rose from the floor all around the auditorium. At least a hundred more guests poured into the auditorium, jaws dropped at the beauty of the room. They all passed by the tables gathering food and drink before making their way to their seats.

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