Mum circled the platform as it lowered into the floor. Green streams of light shined through the floor where the platform once was, projecting a holographic image of Tartarus. The planet resembled a comet without a tail with two metal rings wrapped around. A red light highlighted a red object in the outer ring and more green light to spell out “Nexus” next to it.

Mum put a hand on her right antenna, turned to face the guests and said, “I am sorry,” she bowed. “I am being called away for other duties. There are food and beverage over there,” She pointed to the side where the twins had assembled tables with goodies. “Your host will be here soon. Thank you for your patience,” she bowed and disappeared back into the dark corridor.

The guests rushed over to the tables, crowding around the wine. Charming filled up plastic white cups that reflected the blue aquarium and the green hologram which gave them a distinct teal colour. One by one he handed them out with a great big smile on his face. That smile was short lived, disappearing slowly as the giant everyone had been trying to ignore shoved his way towards Charming.

“Hey. Watch where you are going you brute,” Beatrice said as she stumbled aside.

The man, butt naked, tattooed from head to toe, bent his seven foot frame over, opened his tongue-less mouth and grunted.

“Now, now, Walrus,” Charming stepped in. “Don’t taunt the girl. I have a cup for you right here.” He held a hand out with a full cup of wine.

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