Tartarus Chronicles

Chapter I:

The Good Doctor

Rough Draft Updates

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  • Pages 1-5
    A spotlight shines down illuminating an elderly man in a brown pinstripe tuxedo.  Three fingers in his tiny left breast pocket, and a silver pen held aloft in front of his grey eyes.  He swayed his arm left, and back to the right, then tapped the air with his pen […]
  • Pages 6-10
    Scarlett gave up, brought her arm in, fell back, and hugged both knees tight to her chest.  “Yes.  No.  I, I.  I don’t know,” she stuck her head between her bruised knees and cried. “Do not worry, Miss Walker,” he said, chin held high while Marvin reached under to straighten […]
  • Page 11-15
    “Nooooo,” she cried, squirming in her seat, tugging hard on her buckle, she was stuck, a perfect target. Pink caught out of the corner of its lens, the struggling girl, elbowed the silver bot and pointed at the girl.  Silver held up five fingers, Pink nodded, and they shook mechanical […]
  • Page 16
    Mum circled the platform as it lowered into the floor. Green streams of light shined through the floor where the platform once was, projecting a holographic image of Tartarus. The planet resembled a comet without a tail with two metal rings wrapped around. A red light highlighted a red object […]

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